We are often asked how to get the most out of our Skinny or Detox Tea. Here I will be answering your questions, which will help you enjoy the wealth of benefits you can expect from drinking Örtte Tea.

Which Tea Should I Buy?

Örtte 28-Day Skinny Tea consists of a natural blend of ingredients to assist with weight loss by supressing the appetite, increasing the metabolic rate and giving you more energy.

Örtte 28-Day Detox Tea is a unique and natural formula, which cleanses the body of toxins and impurities, reduces bloating and improves skin health while leaving you with more energy.

Skinny Tea is best if you would like to lose some extra pounds while Detox Tea is great if you’re just looking to cleanse your body but you are not particularly interested in losing weight. You can also try our combo pack if you wish to try both teas!

How should I prepare the tea?


To prepare the Örtte Skinny Tea and Detox Tea, simply infuse your chosen tealeaf mixture in boiling water for approximately 5 minutes. Once the tea has infused, it is ready to drink. If you like your tea with a twist, don’t be afraid to experiment. You can add a hint of lemon, cinnamon or honey to give it extra taste. However, be careful not to use any extra ingredients that are high in fat or sugar.

Please note: give your teabag a good squeeze before taking it out of your teacup. This ensures the maximum quantity of ingredient makes it’s way into your mug and you’ll receive the paramount goodness from each cup of tea.

When should I drink the tea?


For maximum results, it is recommended that you follow the regime suggested on the pack- drink the morning tea every morning for 28 days and the evening tea every evening, again for 28 days. In the morning, we generally recommend to drink the tea before breakfast so the ingredients in the tea can get to work early on in the day. In the evening, we advise to have the tea after dinner so that it can help you digest before bed and it will help to avoid snacking throughout the evening.

How can I boost the benefits of Örtte?

Whilst you are taking part in your 28-day tea programme you should also stick to a healthy diet as there is not much point in putting those toxins straight back into your body. By this we don’t mean extreme or binge dieting- just follow a healthy, balanced diet but also remember to treat yourself every so often. It is also important that you exercise regularly.

Watch out for a blog post coming soon about our favourite health and fitness tips!

P.S. Have you tried our Örtte Tea Infuser Bottle? It’s designed to infuse Skinny or Detox tea and helps to give it an extra hint of flavour. Whether you enjoy your tea hot or cold, the thermos bottle is devised to sustain the temperature of your tea. You can now enjoy the perfect blend of tea wherever you are!

Written by ortteblog